About Us

Founded in 2011, Casa Cuca’s main mission is to strengthen and facilitate learning processes through the creation of educational tools unique and differentiated, always considering the difficulties and particularities of each child.
The work of the Casa Cuca focuses individuals, schools and health clinics. Among the multidisciplinary teaching tools used by the company are games, support materials, courses, workshops and software that help parents and professionals – educators, psychologists and speech therapists – in activities with the children.
The highlight of the company is the software Fast ForWord ®, developed by the American company Scientific Learning, which is in Brazil by Cuca Casa. This innovative program of cognitive training has served more than a million students worldwide and focuses on developing fast and relaxed some of the essential brain functions that optimize and accelerate learning.
If you want to learn more about Casa Cuca products please contact us at [email protected] or Tel. (+ 55 11) 97128 5411 / (+55 11) 3569 4028